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The IV "Issyk-Kul 2017" Economic Forum will be held on August 22, 2017, at the Physical recreation complex Gazprom, Issyk-Kul Region.


The "Issyk-Kul 2017" Economic Forum will once again demonstrate the readiness of the Kyrgyz Republic for a mutually beneficial dialogue with the international community on the main issues of the economy, business development, investments, and promotion of new ideas and projects. It is an open forum targeted at building networks between the business communities locally and internationally and promoting constructive business dialogue.

The main agenda of the forum this year will be a discussion of new opportunities and prospects for the member states of the Eurasian Economic Union. Currently, the EAEU’s GDP is 3.2% of world GDP (2.2 trillion US dollars by the end of 2014), one of the largest world markets (population - 182.7 million or 2.5% of the world population), with the largest territory in the world (more than 20 million square kilometers). Integration processes within the framework of the EAEU can become one of the drivers of growth in industrial production. In this connection, for entrepreneurs to compete in the new economic realities and not to lack behind from the formation of global trade chains, it is necessary to find a place in global trade and to provide the place of our entrepreneurs in the international market.

The results of the panel session on the topic "EAEU: New Approaches to Integration" held as the main event of the upcoming forum will undoubtedly help to identify existing problems and solutions for improving business conditions within the framework of the participation of the Kyrgyz Republic in the EAEU.


  • Within the framework of the business program of the forum, the following will also take place:
  • Round table "Removing obstacles to the free movement of goods, services, capital and labor in the Eurasian Economic Union"
  • Section on "Construction and Construction Services Market"
  • Section on "Tourism and Health Care"
  • Section on "Financial Sector of the Kyrgyz Republic"

We invite the representatives of business circles and business associations of the EAEU member states, countries of near and far abroad to participate in the forum.

There will also be companies from China, Russia, Singapore and Kazakhstan attending the forum.

The presentation of the national smart project "Taza Koom" and investment opportunities of the Kyrgyz Republic will be presented to the attention of foreign guests. We invite investors, business partners and all stakeholders to participate in the forum, exchange views and ideas for joint sustainable development on a global scale.

We express the hope that your participation in the IV "Issyk-Kul 2017" Economic Forum will make a worthy contribution to the results of the forum and the development of cooperation.                     

«ISSYK-KUL 2017» ECONOMIC FORUM PROGRAM /upload/file/programm.docx


You can familiarize yourself with the concept and program of the forum, as well as download the application on the Agency's website www.invest.gov.kg. For registration, please leave an application for participation before 14 August, 2017. By e-mail forum2017.info@gmail.com. For participation in the forum, please call: 623841

+996 (312) 62 38 44